Welcome to Visual Storytellers' Collective

A community that will grow alongside you, lift you up, and shows all of us what it means to thrive

About Us

We are a community of creative photographers, watercolour artists and Storytellers. As creative individuals it is essential to connect with other like-minded people who really get what you are going through. There is no other way to get through this journey. It's can't be done alone. Having a place to turn to when you have questions — a place where you don't feel strange — is golden.  In this group, you're never the odd one out, your dreams are never silly, and you are never alone in this solitary journey.

Why Join Us?

I was in your shoes. My entire identity as a human was wrapped up in being an airline pilot. Then covid took away my career it left me lost and empty, no job and no identity. A community, much like this one, came along and helped me to discover the artist living inside me. And since then, I'm living closer to my true nature with so much more control over my life and more balance. I created this community for you.

We are a private community. Only those who search for us can find us (like you).

No ads. No algorithm. No spam. You get to see what matters most to you when ever you want it. 

You are on a unique Journey and you would be a valuable member of our community. 

We are a small, supportive creative community.